Interview with Redi Tlhabi on 702

25 February 2014

The last few days have been a complete whirlwind, with the highlight being my appearance on Redi Tlhabi’s 702 show on Tuesday. She was incredible at drawing the important answers out of me by asking all the right questions, and always with such insight and humility. It was interesting to get insights into the different perspectives and beliefs of the callers that phoned into the show. Many of them still expressed the conventional opinion of South Africa, “what could the police do, they were under attack?”


Thankfully, due to the sterling work of the legal teams at The Marikana Commission of Inquiry, this kind of narrative is coming under severe pressure, as the tables are slowly being turned. The footage that our production team released in October last year, investigating the events leading up to that fateful police shooting, has played a part in helping to dispel this myth. The idea that the incident was in fact nothing less than a police ambush, is gathering real momentum as more information is released to the public. Some of those who phoned in to the show expressed their rage and sense of injustice, as well as a heartfelt appreciation for the fact that we now have a film that takes on those that hold power in our society.

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